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Woman Of Worth Wednesday meet Ms. TyAnn Amos

My name is TyAnn Amos. I am a graduating senior at the University of Cincinnati studying fashion design. The main reason I chose fashion was because I wanted to inspire young kids to explore their creative sides and use it as an outlet to express the desires of their hearts. I personally use design to bring awareness to social justice issues, diversity, comfort and inclusion.

I want to break barriers within the fashion world that aren’t even known yet. I don’t want a seat at the table.

I want to redesign the table, build it and give others the blueprint to build their own tables, no matter what industry standards are. I want to be an example that shows young minority girls and boys that they can prosper financially doing anything that you truly love to do!

TyAnn Amos

Fashion Designer


IG: @TyAnn.Amos.capstone

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