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Woman Of Worth Wednesday meet Ms. Sheela Deen

S.Deen was born and raised in West Philadelphia and is the youngest out of 8 children blessed with her mother’s namesake. Deen attended Indiana University and earned a degree in Communications Media. She always had a passion for teaching, and decided to further her education with earning her Master’s in Education. Deen’s love for content pursued her to author and publish her very own children’s books. Furthermore, S.Deen is now the founder of B.A.D. TeacHER LLC which is a platform for inner city educators for support, share ideas, and to have a voice on the challenges in different school districts. With books being her first love, she is now a top English literature Teacher in the city of Philadelphia receiving “Most Knowledgeable Teacher of the year” award. Educating not only takes place in the classroom for Deen, it’s in her nature, she love to educate friends and family with her quirky personality that everyone loves. This is what you call a Bold -Authentic -Dedicated teacher.

Follow her up and coming B.A.D. TeacHER movement because teachers are essential too!

IG: Bad.Teacher__

Twitter: Bad.Teachers__

Facebook Page: BAD Teachers LLC


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