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Woman Of Worth Wednesday meet Ms. Gabby BossMomMagic

Gabby and creator of BossMomMagic is a proud mom of four beautiful children using the blogging world as a way to uplift and share experiences in womanhood. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a masters in Management of Information Systems, leading her to the corporate sector. In management; she currently leads a team of over 40 to success each year. Her blogs and IG page are a must stop for inspiration and a few laughs along the way! Get to know Gabby now!

The purpose of BossMomMagic is to empower through shared experiences. As a mom of four, divorcee, boss, and “many other hats” I have plenty to share with true transparency. As I’ve gotten older and gained confidence I’ve began to share and advocate in ways that were not made available to me. I continually imagine the things I could have accomplished if this advocacy and confidence was present earlier. I want to empower those on a journey to purpose and passion by uplifting and motivating along the way; while providing the necessary tools for success.

"My life obviously revolves around my children but I’m selfish lol. I always have been, so I make time for wine, good food, traveling, and a full time career. At bossmommagic we share, vent, learn,

and most importantly grow."

Gabby - BossMomMagic

Blogger/ Management in Corporate Sector

IG: @bossmommagic


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