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Woman Of Worth Wednesday meet Ms. Carmen Campbell

My name is Carmen Campbell, I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I am the Owner and Founder of Bible Bliss, a Lifestyle Boutique and Community for Christian women, that uniquely combines faith, fashion, and spiritual empowerment.

I launched Bible Bliss back in Dec 2018 and I have since grown it into a community of over 14k women. Building the Bible Bliss IG platform into a place where women can shop, be spiritually empowered, receive daily inspiration, and even enjoy a good laughs here and there.

Aside, from being a business owner, the most beloved title that I hold outside of “Child of the most high God” is Mommy. I am a single mother of two beautiful girls, ages 16 and 10. Just knowing that their young eyes are watching my every move is one of the things that motivates me to live a Godly life worthy of modeling with me as their best earthly example. 

I am passionate about sharing God's word, doing my very best to model God's example and helping women and girls alike to see the God given power, and potential that lies within them. I believe that as a people, but especially as women that if we could simply be better at taking God at his word and also utilizing our God giving abilities to their fullest potential, that there is truly no limit to the level of happiest we can experience or things that we can accomplish. 

Owner/ Founder of Bible Bliss Boutique 


IG: @biblebliss_

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