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Woman Of Worth Wednesday meet Ms. Carine Dorlus

Carine Dorlus is a Haitian-American born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has a nonprofit global initiative outreach called Philadelphia For Haiti. PHILADELPHIA FOR HAITI is a global initiative outreach to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children. She also travels to Haiti with volunteers give back to Haiti to different schools or orphanages in need and they also curate experiences in Haiti 3 times out of the year. She is passionate about helping children in her own community and from her parents’ homeland. Carine is a author of her first published book called “The Road To Purpose”, can be found She is a motivational speaker and global human-philanthropist. Her most cherished attribute is impacting people’s lives, each and every day! She is the true definition of what you call a LEADER! 


Peace and Blessings,    Carine Dorlus - Founder PHILLY FOR HAITI Email: Phone: 267-981-5059 Web:

Instagram: @Philly4haiti  “ Obedience , Sacrifice , Service “ 

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