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Woman Of Worth Wednesday meet Mrs. Jeanine Uqdah

Jeanine is a wife and mother of three born and raised in the city of Philadelphia. Jeanine is the founder of Just A Girl, LLC which is an woman empowerment brand geared toward teaching the importance of self-love and self-care to all women on the journey of embracing who they are. Jeanine is dedicated and passionate about uplifting and encouraging women in every way possible. Jeanine started the Just A Girl Movement which can be found on her IGTV via Instagram. The movement was created to connect with women from all over the world via social media to highlight both the similarities and differences that make us all Just A Girl.  Jeanine also loves her family, shopping and girl talk which is why she decided to start a YouTube channel called Just A Girl Talk which is centered around discussing topics women face on a daily basis with one another. Jeanine is a well rounded woman who lives with passion, dedication and grace each and everyday.

Check out Jeanine’s blog, shop Just A Girl merchandise and subscribe to her Youtube channel at

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