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Woman Of Worth Wednesday meet Mrs. Ciara Desper

Ciara Desper is more than just a professional hairstylist, but an inspiration within her industry. After completing hair school top of her class in her hometown of New Jersey, Desper has managed to land gigs only could dream of.

Desper’s work was first displayed on a national platform when styled the tresses of R&B superstar Elle Varner for the cover of Runway News Magazine. Following that heightened success, Desper serves as a freelance hairstylist, styling the browns of many celebrities, such as Robin Givens, Keith Major, Yaya Dascota, Queen Naija and the official hairstylist to the 76er’s. For someone who didn’t recognize their talent initially, Desper is definitely ahead of the game. She appeared on NBC’s “Take on the Job,” a segment where industry professionals share their expertise to the masses: and she is no stranger to Backstage to Beauty and Runway News Magazines. Desper says hair was something she originally did on the side to make ends meet. It wasn’t until she completed hair school with top notch scores that she felt she could turn this natural gift into full time career. Desper has made many accomplishments since her career took off and she has no plans to stop. She is currently the proud co/owner of OmniTresses Extensions and OmniTresses Salon along with husband Avery Desper. The proclaimed and accredited, Multi-cultural hair-stylist, Ciara Desper is bound to be a trendsetter in her industry as she carries a true passion for her work- and best of all it comes naturally.

OmniTresses Salon

OmniTresses by Ciara Desper


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