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Woman Of Worth Wednesday meet Dr. Shaneika Goodman

Dr. Shaneika Goodman is the CEO of 700 Credit Builder, LLC which was created to assist individuals with credit repair, as well as to educate as many individuals and communities as possible, about the importance of credit, how it is measured, built, and maintained. It is one thing to allow someone to repair your credit, but our mission is to educate individuals about the major factors that influence credit scores, how to maximize their credit scores, and how to reap the benefits of having good credit.

If one does not understand the credit system as a whole, the ability to maximize your credit scores and maintain good credit is in jeopardy. In addition, we teach financial literacy, which allows clients to take control of their finances and change the way that they view money.

With Love,

Dr. Shaneika Goodman, CEO 700 Credit Builder P.O. Box 2220, Elkton, MD 21922 Phone: 667-225-1696 Email:

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