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Woman Of Worth Wednesday meet Coach Maria Greathouse

Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, I migrated to the United States as I stepped into the age of 19. Fast forward years later, I'm the mother of two adult sons, leading a successful career with a background as a Sheriff Deputy.

I had the vision for years of coaching and in May 2020, I felt pressed that 2020 was the year to prepare myself to serve, and Steps of Intention was created. Armed with a certificate as an Intensive Coach - I discovered my concentration as a Personal Development, and Transitional and continue to coach on many levels and topics.

Working as an EXPAT and being the wife of a United States soldier allowed me to experience and live out a variety of different cultures. Wanting to deliver and serve my clients with class A service, I've pursued another certification as an Executive Coach, as I continue to travel the world.

Maria Greathouse

Personal Development and Transitional Coach


IG: @Steps_of _Intention

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