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Woman Of Worth (W.O.W) by Chantel is a lifestyle brand that embodies the modern day woman to be superlative in all facets of life while displaying a form of eloquence in her character. We now live in a culture where the demand for women is at a rapid growth.

Therefore, with this prominent expansion, we must continue to reinforce self-values and set precedence of our inclusivity in this world.

 Ms. Chantel Renee Cupid has a character that is unmatched.

Her contribution is impressive and impactful to any individual in this world.

Chantel's goal is to connect, motivate and inspire women from all walks of life.

She believes that learning, molding, and growing is the art of knowing your worth.

Author of the “Worth Journal”, Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising, Certified Event Planner and “Master of Style." Chantel has curated this platform for the intellectual, stylish, and empowered woman to embrace the

W.O.W lifestyle.



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